What Came Next

Wright Path Ltd. a 501-C3 non-profit organization, formed in August of 2018. It consists of former business owners, a lawyer, farmers, postmaster, and a local Priest.

Our mission is to provide shelter and a safe environment for individuals and families who are in need. We pledge to help our residents improve their situation and transition to more conventional housing.

Our goal is to assure adequate, safe housing for individuals that may be homeless without such assistance. We strive to serve the temporary or long-term housing needs of individuals who do not have the financial ability to obtain adequate housing.

During the late summer of 2018, we began fundraising by selling sweet corn that was donated. Many of our donations were received from family, existing friends, and new friends that heard about the cause. In the spring of 2019, we decided to branch out our fundraising ideas by working at the local farmer’s markets. We continued this work throughout the summer. In our fundraising journey, not only did we sell pork sticks, cheese curds, and brats, but we also were able to inform the community of our cause, gaining customers and their support. With the generous donations and the profits from fundraising combined, Wright Path was able to purchase our first home.

The First Wright Path Home