Our History

Beginning roughly 120 years ago when it was first built, the Lowery Hotel was a well-known landmark of the New Richmond area, recognized for its affluency and fine dining. During the last 40-50 years, it has become a sanctuary to a variety of people with different backgrounds and circumstances who have fallen on hard times, and were in need of assistance. Because of the lowered prices, it was often the only place they could afford to stay. The Hotel provided a warm room with a bed, and a communal bathroom, which at times could be used by up to 20 other people. In the hotel, there were no kitchen facilities, and the Hotel also lacked washers and dryers.

Stacy Wright

In 2008, a kind-hearted and ambitious woman by the name of Stacy Wright bought the business, but she did not become the owner of the building. During her time running the business, Stacy added washers and dryers in a common area for use by those in residence there. In addition to this, she also cleaned out the old dining room, transforming it into a gathering area for tenants. In order to make the Hotel more inviting and communal setting, couches, a television, and two large tables with chairs were added to the space. In this area, tenants would watch television, do puzzles, and children would enjoy their leisure time. The common room was also utilized for a bible study, as well as occasionally for serving free meals.

During its years of operation, the Lowery Hotel provided its services to about 250 people each year. Some tenants who utilized the services of the Hotel lived there for up to 10 years. In September of 2018, the owners of the building decided to put the Lowery Hotel building up for sale because of its poor condition, henceforth causing the Lowery to close, leaving many residents without a place to stay.

When this event took place, there were an estimated 50-60 tenants. Wright (with the help of Grace Place and the Salvation Army), was able to relocate a few of the tenants. A majority of the Hotel’s residents did not qualify for existing Government programs, and had to leave the New Richmond area to search for a place to stay. Because of her lack of ability to help those who were displaced during the sale of the Lowery Hotel, Stacy became frustrated, and began to seek help in an attempt to aid those who were not fortunate enough to find housing after the unexpected closure.

The Lowery Hotel