About Us

Wright Path Ltd. a 501-C3 non-profit organization, formed in August of 2018. It consists of former business owners, a lawyer, farmers, postmaster, and a local Priest.

Our mission is to provide shelter and a safe environment for individuals and families who are in need. We pledge to help our residents improve their situation and transition to more conventional housing.

Russ and Jan Utecht​

Formally small business owners, retired in 2015. Active in their church and other community outreach programs. They have eight children and thirteen grandchildren.

Stacy Wright

I was reared outside of Philadelphia in the town of Bryn Mawr. I’ve always been very active in volunteer organizations. I was President of our local teen center, V.P. of my Senior class in High School and my Freshman year in College. I graduated with a BS in Hotel/Restaurant Management from Shepherd University located in Shepherdstown, WV. A few years after graduating and returning to Bryn Mawr to work for the Marriott Corporation, I returned to the University as a manager for their food service. In all, I spent 22 years in WV where I was very involved with organizations around the county. I am a Big Sister to Lauren whom is now 30 years old as I write. I sat on the boards in various roles of for Southern States Farmers Co-op, Interfaith Caregivers, WV Educational Outreach Services, The Jefferson County Community Center, and ran the very active kitchen at the Shepherdstown Fire Department. I was an appointed commissioner of the County Planning Commission.

I moved to New Richmond WI in the summer of 2007. In 2008 I bought a business in downtown New Richmond called the Lowrey Hotel and Café. I concentrated on housing people for short and long term that otherwise would have nowhere to go. I never knew that other Homeless shelters did not except the people I did. These were people with serious issues that for whatever reason had fallen on hard times and needed a safe, affordable place to stay where someone cared. I helped in many ways to get them back on their feet if I could and they were willing. It didn’t always end in the best light. However, in my Christian mind, making a difference with one out of 100 people was well worth it. After praying about how to proceed, I decided that God wanted me to continue to help those in need.

Wright Path was born. As a community, we can now all come together to help the less fortunate in our area.

Deb Clennon

Retired Postmaster, lived in St Croix County all of my life.

Landlord and Real Estate Salesperson interested in the development of affordable housing available for low income individuals and families.

Gary Bakke

I am a Founder of the Bakke Norman law firm, one of the premier law firms in Western Wisconsin. After 54 years, I have retired from my business and business litigation law practice.

I have been privileged to be involved in community affairs and have served as the President of the Wisconsin Bar Association.

As a former marathon runner I am still active in sports and physical conditioning. I still race my bicycle in the senior categories.

I have had the great fortune to have had every possible life advantage and I am dedicated to helping those community brothers and sisters that have been less fortunate than I have been.

Rob Stafsholt

Local farmer, small business owner, and Wisconsin State Assembly Representative

Father John Anderson

Pastor of Immaculate Conception Parish and St. Mary School in New Richmond as well as St. Patrick Parish in Erin Prairie. A priest almost 27 years. Served all those years in Northern Wisconsin. Return to hometown of New Richmond 5 years ago. Has helped begin a shelter and meal program in previous towns. Serves on Mission Trips to the US and overseas. I have a true desire to help people with a hand up and support. It is always best to treat others with dignity and respect!

Katie Swanson

Began helping at Wright Path fundraisers and wanted to have a more invested role with the organization. She is now part of the Wright Path board.

Dawn Swanson

I am the mother of four children and one grandchild, pursuing my university degree. My faith is very important and allows me to serve and assist people in need.

Ryan LaRoue

I am married with four children living and working in the community. I decided to get involved with Wright Path to try and help out local people in need and to get my kids involved in the community.